Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[LiNUX] to kill multiple instances of a service; so AWKill (kill + awk) it

aw(Kill) all instances:

it has been happening in Linux where sometimes I need to start/restart/stop any Linux service but either it don't have a (init.d,rc.d,*)/Service Script or simply failed even if it had
then the usual thing I used to do is get Process ID of relevant App by using
`ps aux | grep $StuckApp` 
and then kill it by
`kill -9 $PID`

but few days back I ran a server (w/o any service script), generating 7-10 parallel instances of it
now to kill it look + type all PIDs... now 'm not lazy but that real wastage of time
so I automated it with help of AWK

so here is a command/script you can use to automate it in similar cases:

shell command:
ps aux | grep $StuckAppNameHere | awk '{print $2; system("kill -9 "$2"");}' 

to use it as a shell script save following two lines in a script:
echo "Killing all instances found matching for "$1
ps aux | grep $1 | awk '{print $2; system("kill -9 "$2"");}'

and pass the name of app to be matched and killed as parameter to it
say you saved script as, and you have to kill all processes matching with 'python'
then use python

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