Saturday, November 12, 2011

XML-Motor v0.0.3 ~ mine XML once..... multiple search

released v0.0.3 of xml-motor with following update:

  * it just supported one search per every XML data processing
  * could retrieve processed XML 'Information' once, and search again & again with minimized cost

Now, along-with.....
  * a single method-call search for Tag (w/ or w/o Attribute) in provided XML String or File
You also have the capability to.....
  * fetch the two (or one, depends how you wanna roll) required set of Information mined by providing it XML String
  * then provide that information everytime to search anything, and hence making it way quicker for multiple searches

So, the improved way for multiple searches:

  First, update your 'xml-motor' gem using
    $ gem install xml-motor

  Now, the way to use it
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'xml-motor'

fyl = "myXMLfile.xml"
str =
xNodes = XMLMotorEngine._splitter_ str
xTags = XMLMotorEngine._indexify_ xNodes
result1 = XMLMotorEngine.pre_processed_content(
            xNodes, xTags, "h1")

result2 = XMLMotorEngine.pre_processed_content(
            xNodes, xTags, "div", "class='wanted'")

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