Friday, June 8, 2012

rss-motor v0.0.4 ~ a rubygem to ease up your RSS interactions

started a new rubygem project 'rss-motor' ( to aid all RSS consuming code by providing the entire (or filtered as per choice) of feeds as Array of Hash values per Feed Item.
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I tried it in a new project 'rss-fanatic' ( making to help out RSS Feed fanatics collecting required content without pain of browsing/saving/downloading. Though RSS-Fanatic project is just started and shall be usable in some time soon.

Here is just a mini HowTo easily power you code with rss-motor:

First, obviously you'll need to install the gem
$  gem install rss-motor
or if luckily you already have a Gemfile usage, add following lines to it
source "" gem 'rss-motor'

Now, currently available engines from the rss-motor
  • simple way of getting all the items as array of key=value
    puts Rss::Motor.rss_items ''

  • get an array of items filtered by one or more keywords
    puts "#{Rss::Motor.rss_grep '', ['ruby', 'android']}"

  • to filter even the data of content available at >link/< field present in item plus normal filter
    puts "#{Rss::Motor.rss_grep_link '', ['ruby', 'android']}"

now go on, ride your own rss-bikes.....

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