Tuesday, July 17, 2012

how to host your Public YUM (or any) Repo

almost an year ago came up the simple idea of getting a really simple static-content (html,css,js,...) website on public portal hosted by Google AppEngine for free upto a daily revived usage scheme: http://gae-flat-web.appspot.com/

few days back I was just playing around custom yum repos and thought why not get up one of my own for public usage with RPMs served for either my projects or other non-available rpms, and what I came up with is: http://yum-my.appspot.com/flat_web/index.htm

it's nothing fascinating but just a re-mixed usage of project created from gae-flat-web.

you can access base skeleton of this re-mixed gae-yum-my (the easy way to host your yum repo online) at https://github.com/abhishekkr/gae-yum-my which also has rpm served for gae-flat-web.

now to see how you could get one too~

First Task, register a new portal on Google AppEngine (it's free for reasonable limited usage)using your Google Account. Say, your appengine portal is name MY-YUM-MY.

Now the fun begins.

cloned the starter kit
$ git clone
enter the cloned repo
$ cd gae-yum-my
to actually change your application name in app.yaml
$ sed -i 's/yum-my/MY-YUM-MY/g' app.yaml
create the required linux distro, release branch
$ mkdir yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>
copy all required RPMs in that distro, release branch
$ cp <ALL_MY_RPMS_of__DISTRO_ReleaseVer_BaseArch> yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>/
prepare yum-repo-listing using createrepo command
$ createrepo yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>/ 
now, place a file 'flat_web/yum-my-el6<or-whichever>.repo' with content 

and can link this file on your 'flat_web/index.htm' homepage 

 to host: 
$ <google_appengine_path>/appcfg.py update <MY-YUM-MY_path>

now you yum repo has a homepage at http://MY-YUM-MY.appspot.com

and placing tthe *.repo file above with hinted content will get the RPMs added to you repo accessible.

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