Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Convert/Compress Video [KoyoteSoft.com Free Video Converter v1.5]

Convert/Compress Video

[KoyoteSoft]-----[ Free Video Converter v1.5]


there in left side vertical menu, click [Free Video Converter 1.5], it will load its download page in main pane right side of the menu;
there you'll get a DOWNLOAD linkhttp://www.koyotesoft.com/Images/download.gif , click it to start download

How To Install:
Run the Insatller > Next > I Agree > Next > [Uncheck the Agree Boxes, if you don't want those stuff] > Next > Yes > Next > Yes > Next > Next > Install > Finish > [Select Your Language] > OK

How To Use:
[] There is a toolbar on top, allowing you to add list of files to be converted, add them using it.
[] From Output Format select your required Media Format and respective settings to be tweaked only if you are aware of what size, aspect ratio or codecs reqd.
[] click "convert video" from toolbar

Converting & compressing your video files to 3GP

browse site :

there on right hand side, you'll see "Softpedia Mirror (US) [EXE]", click

on that and it will download the Application you eed to install to convert

video to 3GP format.

when downloaded simply install it,

This will start the application, if it don't then start it from the Desktop

Icon created by name "Acala 3GP Movies Free"

Click cancel on the dialog box asking license info

then application will open, there make some changes
[] Video Quality: Excellent
[] Frame Size : 320x240

then click PLUS (+) Button to add files to convert, click PLAY button to start conversion

it will display FINISHED dialog box when completed, the PATH where it

it will display FINISHED dialog box when completed, the PATH where it

creates converted 3GP file at [Output Folder: entry]