Thursday, October 20, 2011

http_voodoo_mongo ~ remote control your MongoDB over HTTP


project name: http_voodoo_mongo
platform:     linux
requirement:  ruby

usage: it's a remote controller for your local/remote MongoDB instances working over an HTTP mocking service

What it consists of?

[] a rakefile 'Rakefile' allowing you to auto install and start 'http_voodoo_mongo' as a system service using "rake http_mongo:install" task.

[] a ruby script 'mongo_voodoo.rb' which mocks HTTP Server and allows you control MongoDB using HTTP Requests.

[] a system service script 'mongo_voodoo' which enables you to start||stop||status||restart the Ruby Script as a System Service

*currently I've just added "mongodump" task to it (with & without authorization detail), will slowly add more..... it's all opensource, even you can update if you want

a REST API for Remote Controlling MongoDB Server over HTTP using the same 'authentication' as of MongoDB Server

[] need to access the service at HTTP_URL => http://[MongoDB_IP]:30303/

[] Optional GET Request Parameters [name] the username permitted access [pass] the password linked to username [port] the port at which MongoDB Server is running

 ::MongoDB Database Backup 

[] GET Parameters [dir] the directory to take in backup using mongodump [more_switch] any options you wanna add to mongodump command